Raymond Wohl

Santa Class

Raymond Wohl
Santa Class
When we are little we believe in Santa Claus; As we get older we stop believing; As we get older still, some of us become Santa Claus!







Learn the basics or improve your Santa Claus with Santaclass.org

  • Find your Santa Talents
  • Express your Santa with Music, story telling, singing, 
  • Develop a Santa repertoire of music and sing-a-longs with your audience
  • Become a better listener and learn stock answers for children and adults questions
  • Pose for photos and reduce blinking
  • Suggestions for making home visits successful
  • Promote and market yourself to local businesses, holiday parties, visiting homes, hospitals, schools.
  • Take a great photo
  • Find an agent
  • Select the right Santa suit, beard and wig
  • Care for your costumes

For More Information email info@santaclass.org or use our contact form.